The WTHS TableTop Gaming Club teaches kids the skills that they will need to succeed in life in an environment that promotes creativity and safe risk-taking. They learn to develop options, create and test hypotheses and leverage past knowledge in unique arenas of challenge with near-immediate results, which allows for further experimentation. Tabletop gaming is a unique animal in that it fulfills both a cognitive and social / communal need that all humans share.

Our goals is to provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment wherein our students can gather to develop their creative and tactical reasoning and positive social skills through their participation in playing the best games that the hobby of tabletop gaming has to offer.

To challenge ourselves, we seek out the most innovative and inspired games, with the best blending of game-mechanisms and the highest reward of cognitive stimulation in a social setting. At its finest, this is what the games in our club, games likeSettlers of CatanTicket to RideCastle PanicTannhauser and SmallWorld, provide.