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Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

For 26 hours on January 28th-29th, 150 students from the local area high schools and the College of Lake County will gather to collaborate on projects within the subjects of Energy Efficiency, Health/BioPharma, and Societal/Human Services . This will be a great opportunity for students to have fun, compete for prizes, and learn new skills.

For information or to sign up for updates, email devilhack@wths.net!

Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

What is a "Hackathon"

Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Don’t worry, we’re not going to be illegally accessing Government or Corporate databases. A hackathon is an invention marathon. Programmers, designers, builders and more come together to learn, build, and share their creations over the course of a few days. “Hacking” is a term which is used to describe the act of quickly and intelligently creating a real application/solution that others can use.

Event Information

Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon SeasonThe Basics
Where: Warren Township High School, O’Plaine Campus.
When: Doors open to students at 8:00 am Saturday, January 28 and the Hackathon last all the way through 10 am Sunday, January 29.
Number of Expected Attendees: 150 upperclassmen high school and junior college students.

Event Partners

Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon SeasonAKHAN Semiconductor, Inc.
Chicago Council on Science & Technology (C2ST)
College of Lake County
Village of Gurnee
Warren Township High School